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What Is The Kennedys?

The Kennedys is Wieden+Kennedy's creative academy.

It won't teach you how to make advertising wallpaper. It won't teach you how to write 100 page PowerPoint presentations. It exists simply to help students learn how they can use creativity to impact and provoke culture in infectious ways.

Over a period of 9 months, working in your own space within Wieden+Kennedy's Shanghai office, you will learn how to think, concept, develop, create and destroy both individually and as part of a team.

The Kennedys is open to anyone based in China who has an unhealthy obsession with creativity, whether that is expressed through art, writing, thinking, scheming, photography, designing, music, gaming, coding, fashion or simply cooking.

You absolutely do not need advertising experience. In fact, not having any could be a distinct advantage.

It will not be easy.
It will not be traditional.
The standards will be ridiculously high.
But the lessons will be something you'll never forget and will always use.

So if you're ready for us, we're ready for you.

Why Is It Called The Kennedys?

In 1982 a man called David Kennedy started an agency with a man called Dan Wieden.

30+ years later, their agency – Wieden+Kennedy – is now the biggest independent agency in the World, with 8 offices in 4 continents and a record for creating some of the most innovative communication ever seen.

David retired back in 1993 and while his presence still runs deep within the agency, we felt naming the academy after him would be a nice homage.

Besides, who wouldn't want to go to a school named after a man who forged one of the most amazing careers in the industry without ever giving a toss for any of the rules and conventions of the industry.

What Will You Learn?

Like our academy in London and Amsterdam, The Kennedys work as a separate group inside Wieden+Kennedy.

Over the 9 month course, you will be challenged to use creativity to solve all manner of problems.

Some will be big, some will be small, some will be real, some will be stupid but all will require you to be at your best.

Throughout this time, you will hone your skills through dedicated lessons, assignments, mentors, guest speakers and access to some of the most talented individuals working in the industry today.

This is not an internship.
This is not an academic education.
This is not about traditional approaches.
The Kennedys academy is a place designed to creatively push, provoke and challenge you to be the best you can be.

Apply Terms & Conditions
The Application

Applying is easy. Simply answer the 9 questions below and if you intrigue us, you’ll likely to hear from us.

Just so you know, we are looking for more than just creative answers to our questions, but creative ways for you to tell us your answers – so if you think a photograph, recipe treasure map, painting, website or needlework tapestry will do the trick, then go for it.

1. What is nothing?
2. What are you most ashamed of?
3. How could stop all the madness in this world?
4. If you could add one body part what would it be? What would you do with it?
5. Describe your sex life with a movie title.
6. Sum yourself up in 3 emojis or less.
7. What do you want to do before you die?
8. What is your favorite place on the internet?
9. A novel that you have written has just been released, and it creates a huge controversy. what is the book about?

Applications for our 2016 class are open until May 30th and academy will commence on August 8th.
Please note the academy is an English speaking school.

To apply, send your application to letmein@thekennedys.cn or
Here Goes Nothing
The Kennedy's academy Wieden+Kennedy
Level 3 No. 1035 Changle Road
Shanghai 200031 China


Terms & Conditions

Wieden+Kennedy Program The Kennedys

• These Terms & Conditions (hereinafter referred to as the “T&Cs”) apply to your (application for) participation in our program “The Kennedys” (hereinafter referred to as the “Program”, see: http://www.thekennedys.cn ). In order to apply for and participate in this Program you first need to accept these T&Cs. Any deviation from these T&Cs must be made in writing and duly signed by a representative of Wieden+Kennedy Advertising Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai”).

• You confirm that all personal information that you have provided in your application is true and complete. In the event that any of the information provided by you would turn out to be false or incomplete, we have the right to terminate your participation in the Program with immediate effect and without incurring any liability as a result thereof.

• In order to participate in the Program you must be at least 18 years of age and have a valid China ID or visa. You confirm that you have no criminal records and that there are no criminal proceedings pending against you.

• The application for the Program is made online at http://www.thekennedys.cn,where you must complete and submit the application form with all required personal information, CV and portfolio and any other information required by Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai. You must follow the instructions on our website and in the online application form.

• Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai shall be entitled to select the participants for our Program at its sole discretion. Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai will inform you by e-mail if you are selected for the Program by May 30th, 2016. If you are not contacted by May 30th, 2016, you are not selected. We will not discuss the status of your application with you and you are not able to request the status of your submission from us. Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai reserve the right to select candidates for the Program through other channels than through this application procedure.

• The intellectual property rights of all works created by you answering the application questions for entry into the Program shall remain with you, but Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai has the exclusive right to use and alter, or license any third party to use and alter, these works for commercial or non-commercial purposes, worldwide, in perpetuity and for all media without any restrictions. If you are selected to participate in the Program, you agree to assign the worldwide copyright and all other rights of intellectual property on the materials especially made to enter the Program or provided by you for participation into Program (including but not limited to all works created by you answering the application questions) to the fullest extent to Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai free of charge. Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai has the exclusive right to use and alter, or license any third party to use and alter, these materials for commercial or non-commercial purposes, worldwide, in perpetuity and for all media without any restrictions.

• All rights, titles and interests throughout the world in and to, including without limitation: copyrights, trade secret, patent and other intellectual property rights, with respect to any work or thing created or furnished by you during the Program shall be owned by Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai. You shall waive, to the extent permitted by law, any moral rights that you may have with regard to these works and things. You shall neither use these works or things nor authorize any third party to use these works or things without prior written approval of Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai.

• You warrant that you have full rights and authorizations to transfer the right and grant the license in accordance with these T&Cs, and the usage of Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai and other licensees of any works, materials, information and other things provided by you in accordance with these T&Cs will not violate any applicable laws and regulations and will not infringe any third party’s rights and interests. In case you breach this warranty, your qualification for participation into Program will be cancelled, and you shall indemnify and hold Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai and other licensees harmless from and against any and all losses, damages, claims, costs, expenses and liabilities arising thereof.

• The Program is expected to take place from August 8th, 2016. Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai reserve the right to delay or cancel the Program either in part or wholly for any reason. The contents of the Program are solely determined by Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai and Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai reserve the right to make any changes thereto at all times for any reason.

• If you are selected for the Program you shall enter into an agreement with Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai in a form satisfactory to Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai for a definite period of nine-months. The agreement will include a non-disclosure clause. If you do not accept any terms of the agreement and/or if this agreement is not signed by you or Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai before the start of the Program due to any reason, Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai has the right to cancel your qualification for participation into Program without incurring any liability as a result thereof.

• For the Program you are required to move to Shanghai. All travel expenses and housing will be for your own account.

• The personal information submitted in your application will be kept strictly confidential and will only be used for the purpose for which it is submitted. Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai will process and store the personal information submitted by you in accordance with the applicable privacy laws.

• Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai will not be liable for any damage that you may suffer during your stay in Shanghai and during your participation in the Program, as a result of loss or theft of goods or for any injury. You are advised to take out an insurance policy at your own expense to cover all possible damages and liabilities towards you and third parties.

• In no event shall Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai be liable to you for any punitive, incidental, consequential, or other special damages (including but not limited to attorney’s fee) in connection with any claim arising out of or related to the Program.

• In no event your consent to these T&Cs, the execution of agreement or your participation into the Program shall be construed as the establishment of labor relationship between you and Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai. Nothing in these T&Cs creates an agency relationship or employee-employer relationship between you and Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai.

• These T&Cs shall be exclusively governed by Chinese laws (excluding laws of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan). Any dispute that may arise in connection with these T&Cs and any subsequent agreements shall exclusively be submitted to the Court which has a competent jurisdiction over Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai’s domicile.

• Your submitting application for the participation into Program shall be deemed as your acceptance of these T&Cs.

Shanghai, April 1, 2016